As the tear in the universe rips further and threatens life on earth, the countdown is on for the twelve Zodiacs to find their relics and perform the ritual that will save our world.If the Council don't stop them first...Isla has been kept prisoner for nearly fifteen years, locked away when she was ten and experimented on, but as the threat of execution becomes a reality, she must find a way to escape and fulfil her destiny.Along the way she will find assistance and love in the most unexpected places.

This is a standalone novel set in the Dawn of the Zodiacs shared world and contains bi-sexual characters and a polyamorous relationship.

RH. Snow White reimagined in a PNR setting

Fantasy heist. Shared world. RH with M/M. Magic

Bridgerton, but with monsters. Set in a shared world. M/F

Dragged to Hell. Queen energy. RH. Shared world

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