Envy of All

Lucky. Perfect…Cursed.

1 Ebony Slumbers

Eight men will do anything to protect me, but not even they can protect me from myself.
I want out of these four walls. Away from the movies I’ve watched over and over. I want out of the same conversations…for they are all lies.
I had a life once. Before someone tried to kill me.
My guardians say they’ll keep me safe from this killer, who will strike again, but it’s hard to be scared of something you don’t remember.
And the itch to escape is going to drive me crazy.
I have a choice to make. Stay inside where it’s safe, or risk it all for a taste of freedom.
As my nightmares become reality, I don’t think I can resist much longer.

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Hunted. Blinded. Lost then found.

I know the truth now. I am the princess of the fae realm – and I have a choice.
Stay here in the human world, hidden and safe. Protected by my men.
Or step through the magical portal that will take me back home.
There, I’ll find a way to unlock my memories and my magic. There, I’ll find the answers I’ve been searching for.
Only, this game of survival becomes far more dangerous than any of us could’ve imagined, and once the truth is unearthed, it will never be silenced again.
Who was I before?

Who will I be after?

Exposed. Vulnerable. Protected.

It’s time. There is only one path before me now.
I must return to my kingdom and take back the throne.
I must face the woman who killed my father – the woman who tried to kill me.
The risks are high. Any one of my men could die. Hell, I could die. But I know now that some things are more important than a single life.
Love. Loyalty. And I have those in spades.
It’s time to take up the crown and be the queen I was always meant to be.
It’s time to take the fight to her.
And with my men beside me I step up to the line.
It’s do or die… Reign or run forever.
And I’m tired of running. I’m tired of hiding.
I want it all…my throne, my men, and I’ll fight to the death claim them.